Interested in Exhibiting?


Gallery Description:

The Gallery is a well lit space with two large windows bringing in lots of natural light.  The Gallery offers wall space measuring approximately 5m x 4m and an adjacent coffee shop to welcome viewers.


Key pointers:

  • We offer the exhibition space on a 3 month basis; open to the public every Wednesday and Saturday between 11am and 3pm.

  • A VIP reception would be arranged for an evening preceding the start of the exhibition.

  • A deposit of £80 is taken up front upon booking the space and is refunded on the installation date.

  • The Gallery works on a 15% commission basis and will take payments directly from the customer.

  • The artist is responsible for the packaging and posting to the customer.


If interested in exhibiting with us please contact us at and view the following link:

Exhibition T&Cs