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We are a charitable organisation aiming to reinvigorate the Old Town Hall into a thriving Arts and Heritage Centre.


The Centre is undergoing refurbishment and plans are underway to improve the structure of the building such that the Museum can be brought back into action, and theatre can host bigger and better shows. Ultimately the aim is to create a venue which is acclaimed throughout North Hertfordshire.


We very much welcome support from the local community to help us achieve our goals.  Please read our Help Us page for information on how best to help the Centre


The group formed with the aim of trying to bring Baldock's Victorian Town Hall into community use.


As part of this, Baldock Town Hall Limited, a company limited by guarantee, was incorporated in May 2011, to prepare a business plan for the future use of the Town Hall. The group had been given until March 2012 by North Hertfordshire District Council (NHDC) to prepare a viable business case for the building, and this led to it's removal from the NHDC disposals list.


The Town Hall is now a registered charity and is developing itself as an Arts and Heritage Centre.  

View the Centre's Annual Reports HERE.   

To read about the history of the Centre, please click HERE


Company information

Baldock Town Hall Limited  |  A company limited by guarantee
Registered in England and Wales number 7649300
Registered Address: The Old Town Hall, High Street, Baldock, SG7 6AR

Charity registration: Baldock Town Hall Group 1155229


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